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Problem Face :Client SMS


Client SMS:

I need to see if it can be done. This site will conduct sales of ship cabins. I need the customer to fill out a form to include the name of the passengers at the end of the purchase. Could you make this change?

What will be my answer?


I think you need to ask the client for more information if you’re not sure what they want.

You’ve got more chance of understanding the question than the rest of us as you know what the previous conversation was. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with @merciavideo, this is between you and your client. No one on the forum can or should try to aid you with specific questions about your orders.


It sounds like he wants you to make a form for his site. Only you know if you are able to do it or not.

If you have to ask on the forum how to answer then you probably should tell him no you can’t do it.


The answers you will get here may or may not be what your client needs. So it’s better you take in-depth clarity from him instead of making delivery made out of assumptions. Because such deliveries can lead of re-edits or cancellations which can affect your gig status.