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Problem Getting to Level One


I have 90% order completed with 10 Positive reviews. Overall 12 orders completed. Still, Not promoted to level one and also I am active for more than 30 days as well. Please help me out


Ask Customer Service. When I was promoted to Lv 2, it happened when I had 49 orders. Wonder if it is buggy.


You have enough reviews, but your reviews average a score of 4.5. You need a higher average to be promoted.


but for Level 1 you need more than 4 Rating and I have that already


Thanks a lot. I will try that :blush:


Hi, I got level one yesterday. when my tenth order marked as completed, i got level one automatically. So You contact CS.


just pause one active gig with at least one review .


Thank you for showing concern. I have attained Level One and the problem was with the Positive Rating. Now everything is great. Thank you.


No need now bro. I have achieved level one thank you for your precious time.