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Problem has been solved

Does anyone know if it is against the tos to contact other sellers who offer services that your service complimnents?


Of course it is. That’s spamming and no seller needs or wants that.

Read the ToS.


Okay thank you for responding.

I dont think that will the an issue, you can outsource people to help you finish speed up the workflow
A seller can also be a buyer

Ummmmm no.

It’s spam. Just because something could potentially be helpful that doesn’t remove its status as spam.

That provocative spam email I got the other say had the potential to make me feel really good. Doesn’t mean it isn’t spam.

And you don’t outsource to other sellers. For goodness sake, read the ToS and use some common sense.


You can only contact other sellers if you wish to buy from them. But that’s not what the OP asked.

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Yep, I know, but OP also didnt state whether she/he is going to purchase from the seller or not. So I’m just telling her/him.