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Problem in delivery of an order can somebody help me

i am new on fiverr i buyer order me but he said he want to receive a quick order then i deliver his order but he didn,t recive that order and fiverr showing me a massage “your delivery will mark as read in three days” but i want to send order quickly so please help me to send that order

I tried multiple time to send order but always failde to send please give better suggestion to send order

You have already sent (delivered) the order. It’s done unless the buyer r
Asks for a change. The 3 day notice just gives the buyer time to ask for modification or not and is normal for all delivered orders.

but my buyer is saying that he didn,t receive any delivery

also a order count down is still ruing please help

The screen shot you showed says that you delivered. I see an attachment in the delivery. If you did not give the buyer what you promised in the attachment, the buyer could have rejected the delivery which starts the clock again.

I don’t think the forum can help you. Submit a ticket to Customer Support and have the buyer do the same.