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Problem in getting first project

I am using fiver for 7months and regularly bidding on new request and also my gigs are better than others. But I am not getting a single project and I am not giving up, can anyone give me some tips about my concern.

“and also my gigs are better than others”, that’s a little bit egoistic, and it says you have been a member since January, that is not 7 months!

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sorry sir , i didn’t mean , i need help sir .

i am just trying to say few of my gigs are little better than others and i know i’m not pro, just seeking for help and want to get my first order

Well, I can’t really talk from experience, I myself am a new seller, looking for my first sale! But one thing on your profile, the thumbnails aren’t very appealing at first, for example your logo gig.

ok i ll change it as soon as possible

Don’t stress, it’s not BAD, it’s good trust me, but it’s not that appealing, it’s a bit big and plain! But apart from that your other gigs seem perfectly fine!

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thanks alot sir , your comment is very touching and i got motivated

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:grinning: no worries!!

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Are you sure the figures in that walk cycle are in the right order? I’m pretty sure if those are animated, they will not be smooth.

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i know , she is dancing