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Problem in Gig Approval

Hello, I have completed all requirements except video. Its been a month but my gig is not approved, Please guide me


Any more detail? What’s your gig for, what category. You say you haven’t done a gig video, but if you’re in a category where either audio or video is mandatory then no your gig won’t be completed and active yet.

Some more info would help us to help you.

Category is writing & translation. I think, video is not mandatory for this category.


  1. Make sure that your gig image and contents are unique and your own. If not unique, then write again.
  2. Make sure that your writing contents does not belongs to academic content.
  3. Video is not mandatory.
  4. Delete pending GIG and open it newly with unique content. (Make sure don’t copy paste, fill up each part of GIG by typing)


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Contact to fiverr support. They must help you

It’s not no, why don’t you screenshot your gig so we can see where the problem might be?
Link, Is it workable ?

Yes that works so the gig is active. One thought though, is that gig image yours to use? Looks very stock photo ish.

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Thanks for support, you mean I should change my pic?. The gig is showing in draft not in active gig section.

I mean, is the image yours to use? If the gig isn’t active I wouldn’t be able to view it.

It looks like a bug.

When I click on the gig link you provided, it looks like your gig is active, and like it’s possible to place an order. However, when I look at your profile, it looks like you have no active gigs.

Perhaps Customer Support could help you, if it’s really a bug.


How I can approach to Customer Support, Please guide so that I reach to them to fix it

Go to
Submit a ticket, make sure you give all the details to them, including any screenshots. Response times are slow at the moment so any help you can give them in fixing the issue quicker helps the whole system.

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I take pic from google, I am new here so learning the process.

That would be a no then, before contacting support, change your image. You need to use original content or content you have commercial rights to use. It’s against the Terms of Service to just take any image and use it as your own and would lead to a warning or even a ban.

It could also be why your gig isn’t going through the system fully.

Thank you so much for your kindness

If you have copy pasted from any other gig, then your gig will mostly be unapproved as fiver have some algorithm by which they find this.

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Don’t use anything that isn’t yours to use, and that includes anything you might find on the internet.


Your gig is active. Your pricing structure makes no sense however. I’m not going to explain why but if you can’t see what I mean you need to think about it.


Check first what category you added and then check your gig content, and put unique content

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