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Problem in making new offers


Hello, I work for my client. I delivered my best work but he rated me very low due to which my rating goes below 90% it is now 64% and now fiverr is not allowing me to make new offers and send buyer’s request. I am a beginner what shall I do now? please guide me someone. Thank you


Your buyer wrote
"Didn’t meet what I asked for. Very sloppy and couldn’t even spell my name correctly when asked. Begged me to accept something I wasn’t happy with. Some of the designs he delivered were very poor"

Did you thought about not begging and deliver perfect work? Just sayin’…


You’re going to have to earn more positive reviews to get you up above a seller rating of 90% before you can respond to Buyer Requests. That requirement is in place so only sellers with a reputation of good, quality work can offer to help buyers.