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Problem in posting request

hey! I need suggestions about posting request.My requests are always unapproved .I dont know why?
whereas other sellers have posted repeatedly the same request and here I am not able to post even a single request.
Please help me out

Hi @marry_marry, I think you are referring to posting requests on buyers’ requests area, isn’t it? It is illegal and against Fiverr rules. You can only send offers for the jobs posted by buyers. Posting about your GIGs in buyers’ request are may cause to drop your Seller Level down.

fiverr has given he option of posting requests.then why its so ?

thanks for your suggestions

I think you can post request after level2

Sellers signup as buyer and post their requests in buyer request section which is completely illegal. As a result you might get your request approved but it will also get your account permanently banned.

So dont go for shortcuts and work hard. Fivver is a huge market. Work on your skill and market them accordingly.

Best of luck for future.

fiverr has given the option you as a buyer too. You can use your account as a seller and buyer both. Even if you are able to post your request for selling your services, it is of no use because buyer hardly read that.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

We all can act as buyers and sellers. Once buyer can be a seller next time. However you can post job requests as a buyer only. You are not allowed to promote your GIGs in the buyers’ requests area. :slight_smile: Hope this was helpful.

so informative …thumbs up

can i do it from beginner level ?

its spam

its spam.just keep sending offers to 10 buyer requests daily u will get the order soon.