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Problem in promoting my gig through facebook

hello friends. Now I am facing a serious issue with my fiverr gig. I can’t post my gig website through Facebook, to promote my gig. Whenever I do like that at that instant I got a notification: " Your post goes against our community standards, so only you can see it".
and when I entered that group I can’t see my post. it disappears. So I can’t sent it any of the group, if it is fiverr group or not.
Does anyone knows the solution of this problem…?
please its urgent…help me…

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I think you can sharing your Gig on Facebook but you cant promote… (I mean paid promotion is not accepted maybe… not sure …)


thank you for your concerns brother. :blush:
But I am also just tried to share my gig by copying my website and post it. I do it in past few days. but now I couldn’t do it. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

By posting your gig in various groups on facebook, it has been marked as spam. This is what happens with spam - sooner or later it gets banned.

Just don’t do it.


ohhhh :flushed: :flushed:
Is there any method to solve this problem??

spamming groups with your gig is not really a way of promoting a gig … you can promote it on facebook through facebook ads


thank you for being part of this. :blush:
could you please suggest me that how can I promote through fb ads??

same here bro :thinking: :thinking:

That’s because you’re trying to spam groups.

Do we really need to tell you why that is wrong and ineffective?

Communities aren’t an opportunity to spam. Be considerate of why people use groups. No one wants to see your spam.

@yadav123_new you, too. You’re trying to spam. No one has to let you do that to their group.

Also spamming isn’t “promoting.”

Instead of trying to find ways to get away with spamming, why don’t you two learn how marketing actually works?


This has nothing to do with paid promotion. They’re trying to spam and then wondering why they can’t get away with it.


Oh. I never realized its a spamming.
Then could you please suggest a method to promote through Facebook or any other social media without being considered as spam. It will be great helpful for me

“I didn’t realize it is spamming.”

That’s the problem. You’re so unethical that it doesn’t even occur to you that what you’re doing is wrong. What you’re doing is the very definition of spamming.

I’m not giving advice to someone who doesn’t even have basic ethics. With your degree of ignorance you wouldn’t even know how to put my advice into action.

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So is there no solution?? :disappointed_relieved:

What an ignorant conclusion. Either you didn’t understand what I said because you lack the English skills or because you lack logic.

There IS a solution. I just told you that I’m not going to give it to you because you’re unethical and wouldn’t know how to put it into action effectively. I’m not helping a spammer who’s so unethical he doesn’t even understand why what he’s doing is wrong.

Check out the thread below. Unfortunately, marketing is a complex activity, which, when done properly, requires much more effort than mindlessly sharing links.

It’s for this reason many Fiverr users prefer not to market their gigs, or prefer to buy into simplistic advice, such as “share your gig on social media as much as possible.”


can you tell me which is the best platform for promoting gigs

What part of “I’m not helping” you is so difficult to grasp?

In any case there is no “best platform” – This what I mean. You don’t even understand the basics, so you’re asking the wrong questions.

When you join a group on Facebook, read the community rules. Most, if not all, do not allow self-promotion. The message you saw came from an admin or moderator of the group, not from Facebook. Remember, when you’re posting in a group, you are posting to an audience that someone else built, and must follow their rules.

Try building your own audience to promote to, or join groups that allow self-promotion. Beware of those groups though, they are full of other people filling up the feed with their offers.

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Mmm, OK. Sorry to disturb you

Ohh… May be this is the root of the problem that I faced.
Thank you…