Problem in submitting my offers to buyers requests


When I want to submit my gig to a buyer request, I cant choose which gig to offer him :frowning: , Fiverr automatically choose a gig for me. And I end up not submitting any offer, because I cant offer him something he would not be interested in.

Any solutions ? Thank you !


I feel your pain. The reason it isn’t letting you choose the one you want is because the buyer has to select a category and sub-category when they post the request, and if your gig isn’t in that category, it won’t let you bid. For example, I have a couple of gigs for work in Excel posted Programming & Tech, and even though the buyer wants work in Excel, they might use the Virtual Assistant category, preventing me from bidding on the job.

It’s annoying, but I think they do it to prevent spammers.


@evpassino: Oh I see now ! Thank you very much for your explanation :slight_smile: