Problem leaving feedback



Im pretty new to fiverr as a buyer but so far i enjoy the experience.

The problem i ran into though is leaving feeback.The gig is completed and i vote thumps up,write my little review and then click publish it gives me an errors sayin “Feedback comment contains default system text. Please replace with your own message. Your feedback may not contain links.” Well obviously i did delete the default text and typed my own.And theres no links in my feedback.It worked all of a sudden one time but then went back to the error message on the other gigs i tried to leave feedback at.Do i miss something obvious here?Not sure what to do.

i tried diff browsers but no luck.Is this a bug or me?

Any help is appreciated.Thank you



I’ve never seen this before. Here’s a video on leaving feedback in general.


thanks for the reply

Well i do it like in the video and after i hit submit it shows that sentence

I attached a screenshot.

As i said obviously i do type my own text etc yet it keeps coming up with this msg.


Was the gig delivered late, 24 hours late by chance?

The system automatically leaves a thumbs down I think after it is 24 hours late so maybe that is the problem and you tried to leave a rating after it was canceled ?

This is the first I have ever heard of this.



No Sir.All were delivered within the promised time.

None was cancelled.Most actually delivered way before the time was up.

And yes i tried to google the issue as well but didnt see anything.

thanks for the reply


You may want to drop a line to Customer Support and see what they say.

Good luck


Ok thank you ill try that

Have a great weekend


Thanks you too


I also have never heard of this, so let us know if CS is able to help you out.