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Problem of offers and requests

I have a lot of offers ( requests ) in Buyer Requests
I send my offers to my customers And answer their requests
But they do not answer me or send me orders
No messages , No orders
where is the problem ?
P.S : I respect my customers and speak to them politely and give them all the information

This may be helpful to you:


I believe You need this topic. Just replace it with bro …Do not use bro/sir /mam/sis…


Try to be more professional while writing request.

Thanks bro
But that topic didn’t help me :frowning:
I Do all that in the topic but there is no order or messages

Thanks bro
i did all things you says but still there are no orders no messages :frowning:
Thank you so mouch

Why not post an example of what you last sent in reply to a buyer request? Then we can all have a better idea of what’s going on, to see if anyone can offer advice.


Change your profile picture … And try to improve your profile,gig description and gig images . Be professional man ! …Share your gigs on social media website and send buyer request daily .Hope you will get orders …

Best Of Luck :grinning:

Thanks bro

I Do that’s all you says but still there are no orders or messages

Thanks man i will try

Yes that’s a best idea
i will try
Thanks man

Hii… Sorry, where can I see the Buyers Request?

Go to Switch to Selling on the main Fiverr page then click on More. It is in the drop down menu there.

If you can’t see it reduce the “zoom” in the settings on the right hand side of your browser.


Hhhh i switched that
i know what do you say bro
But buyers who don’t send to me offers and didn’t contact me
They just send to me their request on buyer request
But there is no messages no orders …

Thanks ma

Based on what you have just said in the above, I am sorry to quote myself but you should read this: How To Get More Orders From Buyer Requests! .... Simple Tip!


Thank you man
i will try ASAP
Nice to meet you

You cannot assume that everyone who has a logo is male!