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Problem of response rate


My response rate has been 3 hours now how do I reduce it?


Its normal i guess, next time reply faster and it will come back to 1 hr :smiley:


If i communicate with seller is there any possibility to solve this problem


Its not a problem its a feature of Fiverr and your AVG response time is very good its 2 HRS showing


no show it again . Its 3 Hours now.




Check view as buyer and seller both or wait sometime



I have to go now. we will talk later. Excuse me.


It is against forum rules to post a link as a heading so you just need to change this. If you have a question just put that in the heading. Also if you type “response rate” in the search bar on the top right hand side you will find many posts on the subject.


thanks a lot for the information. but how can i remove this heading


I think the respinse rate is like an average of a month. So if you are responding faster these days you will not show the changes response rate untill next month.


Hi All
As I know the response rate is calculation is based on the reply for the first message you receive from anyone. Means if you got a new first message and if you reply to this message after 10 minutes, so this 10 minutes will be counted, and this is calculated for last 30 days. You can decrease it easily , For new messages reply as soon as possible. Note- : its not counted for all messages, But its counted for the Very 1st message.
This may be helpful