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Problem of withdrawal with my payoneer card

Hello my name is grace weakley,

I am in fiverr since 30 Fevrier 2017 so i am a new comer in fiverr.
i had money account available for withdrawal in my fiverr . I tried to withdrawal with my payoneer master card but when I click on the button fiverr income card, I am told that an email was sent in my mailbox, but I did not receive any mail and it Signal that the money I had is no longer available and that it has already been successfully removed! Help me please I do not understand anything at all I have not received any mail from fiverr to link my account fiverr with my payoneer account. and the $53.6 are no longer available!

Anything money related needs to go to either Fiverr customer support or Payoneer customer support - good luck!

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