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Problem on creating a gig

I have a problem on creating a gig, when i go to the point of "scope and pricing"
it does not let me continue, when i press “save and continue” it does nothing
i would appreciate it if you could provide some help to the issue.
Thanks in advance

Go back through your entries to see if you have missed something. If all the sections appear to be complete, try a different browser. Good luck.

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You could also check that you are not disabling any necessary scripts for that page in your browser.

i tried changing browser and it has no result
Can you please help

Did you try editing any other gigs to see if you get the same issue? If so, it might be a technical glitch. In this case, please reach out to customer support for assistance.

I tried editing other gigs but no result the same problem appears

Sorry to hear. You can submit a ticket via

I’ve already went there but i wasnt able to find any useful info.

Go to the link above and submit a request. Someone from customer support will get back with you within a few days.

Thanks A Lot for the help

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