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Problem paying a tip (because Amazon?), now I can't


Yesterday I was paying a seller and wanted to send a tip, and things just…stopped part way through. The payment went through but the tip did not, and now there is no way to send one, and Fiverr support has not responded to two requests for help. I’d really like to tip this seller, any ideas how I can get Fiverr to assist or maybe another way to do this?


Oh yeah, it wasn’t a payment failure. I think it may have had something to do with the Amazon cloud outage, a lot of sites had problems yesterday afternoon.


You can ask the seller to send you a custom order for the amount of the tip. Be sure to tell him or her that it is for a tip, and the amount, and let them know they can use any of their gigs for that if they use the part at the bottom of the custom order and just write TIP where there is a blank space for the description.


Thanks misscrystal, I’ll try that!


You could just order a gig for the price you want to tip, and say it’s a tip and they don’t need to do anything except deliver. I had a buyer do that once and it worked fine.


The seller has to remember to close the tip gig as well otherwise they have other problems on their hands.


edited to say they have to deliver.