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Problem Receiving Email Confirmation For Withdrawal


Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to withdraw money for a couple of days now, but do not receive a conformation email in order to go ahead. I contacted Fiverr support, and was answered with this:

Starting January 10th some e-mail providers began rejecting our attempts to send them e-mail based on our MAIL FROM address. The address and servers are properly configured as are the relevant DNS records. Please contact your e-mail provider and tell them e-mail being sent to your account is being bounced, include this for their reference:

MAIL FROM: <>_ _550-Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable_ _550 invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record

Is anyone else experiencing this problem, and how quickly have you managed to resolve it?

Cheers all!


Which Email service you are using?
GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, ZohoMail etc works fine normally.


Might be his personal hosting server.


I’m experiencing the same problem ( I tried changing the e-mail address associated to my Fiverr account to a different address with a different service, but alas, “For the email change to take effect, please follow instructions in an email sent to the original address”… which, of course, never gets through.


I use 1and1 (which i based out of Germany, so not sure if there is a connection there).
I initially was going to change my contact email address, but the instructions I received included scanning my passport, showing my passport with a photo of myself, and other things! Crazy, right!
I basically wrote to fiverr help, and asked why I had to fix the problem, if they had created it!
In the end, I withdrew my money clicking on an old 'confirmation email’
A few hours later fiverr wrote to me saying they had ‘resolved’ the issue.
I won’t know until I try again for sure though.


1and1 and GMX belong to the same company, so yes, there’s a connection there. I would love to change my contact email address to a different service where I’m in control of hosting, so I also contacted customer service. Right now, I’m not even receiving order notifications which is pretty annoying.