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I’m a gig divine, how long it will take to be a Palestine.
Please help me


A gig divine?
How long it will take to be a Palestine?

I really don’t know what you’re trying to convey here. :thinking:


How long it will take depends on how far you are from the nearest Palestine state.

I will apologize, however, for breaking any hopes you might have for being gig divine - unfortunately nobody has achieved this status with their gigs yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road: divinity is in every one of us, just a tad different.

I hope that helped, but if it didn’t, I’m inviting you to share more of your insight regarding gig divineness, so that we can understand more clearly what you’re asking us to help you with.


@hassan_khan007 Create your own topic, hijacking OP thread is not coolio.


You mean how long it will take until someone orders one of your gigs? Maybe you could try with lower prices, at least for a start until you might get a few sales and reviews, or you could perhaps try to write part of the gig descriptions in your native language, maybe you can get buyers from your country interested in your gigs then.

Or how long it will take to be a level 1/2/TRS seller? That´s not only a question of time but depends on several things, for example, how many gigs you sell, for level 1 that´s 10 orders, for level 2 it´s 50 orders, see here:

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