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Problem taking photo for ID Verification

Hey, there community!
I’m kind of struggling with this issue and I couldn’t find any recent conversations, I use the provided Fiverr link and I have to open it through a QR code in the phone, I take the picture with the phone camera but nothing happens, the picture doesn’t load… would you please tell me how did you take the picture? I already cleaned cache, browser history, used incognito mode and tried taking the picture horizontal, vertical, with edges, with no edges, so I don’t know what else I can do, I also tried with safari and chrome.

Has anyone been experiencing the same problem?

Thank you.


I have the same problem here. It seems whatever I do my photo does not get uploaded. I have tried that on multipole device and browsers, also tried using a VPN. nothing works. What should I do?

Ok, I got it working with the Firefox browser. Everyone having this issue should try that.

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From My Own View
If I Want To Verify My Account, I Use Phone And Normal Thing You Will Use Phone Then If You Do It More Than 3x It Will Affect Your Account.

And Then It May Be Network That Affect The Issue.
I Just Verify My Account Now And It Was Successfully Activate

Then Use Chrome If You Want To Verify Your Account

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what in the world are you talking about? lol

I am in the same process but still not possible, I also tried with all browsers you mentioned… have you contacted customer support? I contacted them but they haven’t answer yet… I also have an IPhone, do you think is something with the iPhone photo app?

I tried with Firefox but no success? :pensive: any other idea?

Get help from Fiverr support team

Same here trying to verify my account now for 2 weeks. Created ticket 4 days ago. Been stopped from doing ANY sales now. Does not seem FIVERR is very interested in helping.

Also just found out my original account was hacked and some criminal has charged 5 Grand on my card and there IS NO Number that I can find to tell FIVERR. great stuff

No, my Fiverr account is now temporarily disabled for that.

So Sad. You’ll have to wait until you get back or think other ways

It’s working for me as of today. I just submitted my photos and was verified a minute later.

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I resolved successfully! The issue is with something in Iphone. I tried with an Android phone and worked. I text it here in case someone has the same problem!

best wishes to all!