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Problem that am having on Fiverr


You can call me by my username, Lamlad, this is my nickname, and most of my friend called me Lamlad or Larious. Thanks to fiverr for given a lot of opportunity to people for freelancer job, my friend introduced me to this and gave me hope with a lot of help, Thank to my friend Jcare, is the best to me and someone that I always love to learn from.

Actually, I have one or two problem, and I will like the admin or any mod that have the power and solution to this problem that am having.

  1. Some costumers are hardly to confused, they try to gain information from Seller, and waste sellers time, which it is very bad, for a seller to ignored other buyers to attend to him or her and at the end they extract information and run away, and that is unfair, some even ask for sample and when you give it to them they never reply back.

  2. Some buyers don’t know how to give review to the seller, and to what I studied about fiverr buyers are interested in large review and online present status, so I care to build my gigs with reviews, I need reviews from them and I want to know how to talk to buyer or address the buyers to leave review for my job done for them.

  3. In the delivery chat, my buyers were not happy, that the messages arrive to me late, and sometime I need to keep on refreshing my browser to see the message that the buyer sent me, I tried to check if the problem is from my internet, but not really, please if there is anything that I can do right, do assist me, because my android phone version (4.0.4) is not compatible for the fiverr app to work on it. So I have to stay on computer ever seconds.

I need solution, and I will keep watching this thread time to time, thanks to fiverr, sellers and buyers, you contribution is needed :slight_smile: