Problem to Check Buyer Requirements


Hello, Fiverr Forum

I found a Problem out there when i click on the show Requirements, it just moves upward to the Order Detail, Does not Show Buyer requirements. Is there anyone else who is facing the same problem.

Would like to listen from you!


Yes, this has happened to me a few times today. You can fix the problem by refreshing your browser.


F5 is the shortcut to refresh your browser…
Its happening to me A LOT.

Also delivery timers are not showing up just the same , requiring a refresh too =/


^ this.

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F5 only refreshes the site. However, CTRL + F5 deletes the site’s cache.


Nerd =)
Annnnnd Thanks :wink:

– Fiverr fix yo shizzle plizzle.


Nerd? Wow… I’m highly offended now!

Nah, just joking :stuck_out_tongue: You’re welcome.


Thank you for Help, Appericate


Man, all we had to do was refresh? And here I am with my cauldron of newt eyes, lizard’s tails, and frog burps. Oh well, at least lunch is sorted.


I’d already planned 6 human sacrifices before I tried clicking the refresh button.


If they are already planned…seems like a waste of all that organisation. :wink:


Any suggestions about the victims? :smiling_imp:


Just let me go check my previous sales…I’ll give you some accounts :imp:


Came here to ask the same thing because this just started happening to me an hour ago. I keep refreshing my browser and cleared my cache, but still nothing. :expressionless: