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Problem to deliver in time

If sometimes a seller have a problem to deliver the work in time or he have a problem in work.

can he buy a service from another seller and give him the work ? then deliver his work to his buyer After of course checking the work and make his own modifications.

It not a trade but of necessity.

is this legal in Fiverr ?

I think you would really need to let all people who are included know about it first. The buyer may not like it, because he could just order from the other person, and the other seller may not like it because it’s re-selling his work, and you (as the seller one) may even earn more than you paid him. That can be fine only if everyone included is fine with it as well… otherwise it’s a bit of unfair work, kinda like cheating. Saying you made this even if you didn’t and so on.

yeah you’re right that’s unfair when someone works always in that way.

But I’m talking about a seller need help from other sellers. for example let’s say a seller get an order to make a website and he made all the features needed but he have a problem that he couldn’t fix and he need someone else to fix that. so he’s obliged to buy that service to complete the job and deliver the work in time. also it’s unfair to deliver uncompleted work to the buyer.seller need to pay even if he’ll lost money to get the buyer satisfaction.

one order with 5$ he get’s 4$ but he’ll pay 5$ so he’ll lose 1$.

The main purpose is not making money but to not CANCEL the order. because canceled orders can influence in the seller levels.

to this time i didn’t try to do this but in case when I be in that problem do I have the right to emigrate the order without canceling ?

My question is does this violate Fiverr Policy ?

I’ve never dug into the Intellectual Property provisions of the TOS. Regarding the work you sell to a buyer, the TOS says this:

By offering a service, the seller undertakes that he has sufficient permissions, rights and/or licenses to provide, sell or resell the service that they offer on Fiverr.

So as long as you have clear rights to the material you’re selling, I guess it doesn’t technically break the TOS. To be sure, though, you probably should as CS.