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Problem Uploading on Profile Picture :(


We had to remove your profile image because it appeared to not be an original image.
Please upload a new one.

it is showing me this message but i am upload a genuine logo of my company … Any Suggestion Please? :slight_smile:


In forum or website ?


If you are saying that this is your logo: image

You are going to have problems proving that. A good portion of that logo shows up on some Scholarship site like this: image

It also shows up on some site like this: image

It basically appears that it’s some stock image, probably still owned by the creator or maybe sold under a license. It doesn’t appear to be something that you can also claim as your freelancer username logo.

You would have to prove to Fiverr with 100% certainty that you were the original creator of that entire logo and that you own all rights to it. You would probably also need to file necessary documents to force those other people from using it. If you really created it or spent money on it, you can pursue it legally if you wish and while you work on that, you can’t use it. If you didn’t create it, I would suggest you get a new logo.


@fonthaunt Thanks for your feedback i changed it :slight_smile:



I also have the same issue for weeks now, my profile picture was removed and now i am waiting for the second intervetion of the Fiverr Tech Team as i posted another support ticket to resolve the issue as my profile picture is not visible in the app and some of the website preview panels and i have observed more seller to have this issue; let’s hope this will be fixed soon!


Sorry but it was my mistake I was uploading a random profile photo :slight_smile: