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Problem with a buyer- need your opinion

Medical articles- that is my best selling gig. I decided to leave just one package- 100 words for $10, so a buyer can order as many gigs as he needs. If you have an extra minute, you can check the gig (it’s ause the buyer said it’s misleading).

Buyer: ordered one gig with instruction on what he needs.

Me: Hello and thank you for placing an order.
I just need to remind you that my writing rate for medical articles is $10/100 words (as stated in the gig description).
Do you need just a very short 100 words article, or you ordered one gig by mistake?

Buyer: Hi. It was misleading. Please write whatever the order says .thanks

The question: Should I cancel the order (my gut feeling tells me to do that)? The client obviously need a longer article, but don’t want to pay according to my writing rates. What does it mean “write whatever the order says”? To deliver 100 words article or an article he had in mind? Is my gig pricing really misleading? Thanks!

What you could do is let them specify the number of words required in a box like some writing gigs do.


Do you think I should write the 400 words article as a gesture of good will and to avoid confrontation? Thanks for your response!


Based on just what you’ve posted (about your interaction with the client), it seems like s/he is just saying that your gig was misleading (although it probably isn’t). So, I’d say something along the lines of “I’m sorry that you felt it was misleading. However, my gigs clearly mention my price per 100 words and it is $10/100 words.” And then I’d give the seller one more chance to explain themselves and let me know what they wanna do with the order (if they’re willing to pay more or if they are fine with just a 100-word delivery or if they would like to cancel).

what @uk1000 suggested is a wonderful idea (I never thought about this, I am gonna implement it too… Thanks!)… Once the “misled” buyer mentions a particular word count, you could then confidently quote your price to them and tell them you’d be sending gig extras to cover the price difference.


It’s entirely up to you. :slight_smile: I personally wouldn’t… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But that’s just me. Cuz I wouldn’t wanna give away $30 worth of work for free.

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That sounds like a plan, thanks! :slight_smile: And I agree, the idea of reminding them about the gig price once more before they place an order is great.