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Problem with a buyer please help

this is client request he came with a budget of 100$ to build an online food delivery website, with 10 features of adding user, log in and removing user adding food and removing food and ordering food and admin should accept it I took 80$ instead, I’ve made my best and done the best out of my work ( can’t forget I sacrificed my study to finish this work on time) then after I delivered he made a revision and asked for new requirements, he asked me to make a recommended food system and a new way of registration and a new system of ordering and paying. He never mentioned this before like what should I do?

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Tell him you will do the work if he is willing to pay the extra cost.


When people ask for additional work, I tend not to treat is as a big deal - I simply explain the additional work involved and include a Custom Extra offer for the additional cost. Sometimes Sellers tend to think the worst of buyers unnecessarily. They may understand what they are asking for is important and when you tell them the work involved they may accept it.
Don’t beg or go to them as if you are asking them for a favour, go to them as if it is completely normal - which it is. They asked for something, they paid, they ask for something more, it’s logical to pay more. A key part of this is to explain the work involved. I find it is best to estimate how many hours it will take. If they think it is 5-10 mins work, they will expect it for free. If you explain it and tell them it will take 3-4 hours, they should understand and pay.


Charge him for extra work.

That’s the best advice I’ve read about the subject. I don’t like how anytime people are confronted by this they instantly assume the other part is scamming against them.

It could be that extra work came up and the buyer just wants what he now needs.

I very politely give an ultimatum when this happens: I explain that the work requested is out of scope and I can either do it for x extra fee or we can keep the order as is.

I find usually then the buyer gets the message. If they don’t and claim they should get free work, talk to CS. If it’s out of the scope of the order, you don’t have to do it for free. But it must be very clearly out of scope, no grey area.


Thanks everyone, but I’m talking here about a whole rebuilding of the website including the recommendation system and the ways of payments and the ways of ordering, so should i ask for a new order? If i do what if he doesn’t want to proceed and complain about the price? Cause the thing he mentioned lately will be expensive as i can estimate the time and the efforts I’m going to put on it.

The advice already offered here is good. However one important detail that’s not been pointed out is that buyers can not use the ‘request revisions’ feature to change the scope of the project. It is forbidden under Fiverr’s terms of service which state: Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order Page while an Order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.

In other words, if you went to customer support and explained that you’ve delivered what was requested by your buyer, but now they’re abusing the ‘request revisions’ feature to change the scope of the project, then you should win. End of case!

If however you wish to continue working with this buyer (I wouldn’t based on their actions, but it’s up to you), then this is what I would do:

Be firm but polite with the buyer and tell them you’ve met the requirement of their original order.

Explain that the changes they’ve now requested are not just a simple add on, but require the entire site to be rewritten from the ground up.

Therefore they can either accept the original job has been completed and you both move on (you can show them a copy of Fiverr’s terms of service), or they accept that because they’ve changed the scope of the project, they pay for the additional work.

I would also add that in my humble opinion, for $100 your buyer has already received a lot of value for money by getting a fully functional food delivery website.

You can offer him additional. The best way!!!