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Problem with a buyer who is hard to please

Hi everyone - first time posting here, I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a couple of months and everything has been pretty straightforward so far.

But I have an issue with a buyer who isn’t happy with the work I sent over, but isn’t giving me any real feedback on what I can improve.

She sent me over a bio and asked me to write a bio that was powerful and inspiring, in the same style as an example on another website. I wrote the bio, I think it’s good copy, but she isn’t happy.

She said that it doesn’t flow, doesn’t speak to the reader, and she could have done it herself. I’ve said that I’ll revise the bio, but to be honest, I’m not sure what I can do to improve it. I asked her if she wanted some sections removing and other things put in, but she hasn’t replied to those questions, just said that it’s not good work. Everyone else has been happy with my work, I’ve got 5* ratings and had several repeat buyers.

I’ve requested an extension to work on the revision (well, the rewrite…) but I have a horrible feeling that she won’t be happy with whatever I send over.

I just don’t actually know what to do!


First, make sure she’s not already using what you’ve written - and then point out that since she hasn’t paid for it, it is not hers to use. Make sure you let her know what a DCMA request is.

Second … unfortunately if she’s not a powerful and inspiring person, you can’t make her one!

Third … life coach? They can certainly pose some challenges …

Fourth … point her to the TOS where it says that not liking what she has isn’t a good reason for cancelling.

Fifth … if all else fails, cancel the order. It’s not worth the wear and tear on your nerves …


Motivational speaker :wink: So along the same line, I guess.

She’s got one set of revisions included in the order, but what she’s asking for is a total re-write. She still hasn’t given me anything concrete to work on.

I think I’m more worried about a bad review than cancellation, I’m a couple of days off making Level One seller and I’ve got a horrible feeling that she’ll give me a really low rating because she said that she could have done the work herself.

And that’s probably answered my own question, hasn’t it?


@coerdelion And thank you for your reply!

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No problem. We miss cyaxrex who would wax lyrical and waspishly at length about this type of buyer … but still work with them.

So I think everyone recognises symptoms immediately.

Adjust your buyer requirements for the future to get them to agree that revisions are one thing but do overs are something else entirely. You might find this post very useful :


Thank you! That’s exactly what I need to do!

I’ll mull it over a bit longer, but I think that I’m going to go with my gut instinct and cancel the order. And then I’m going to revise my buyer requirements!

I’d be inclined to deliver again if poss … but before you do, adjust the buyer requirements and make any other edits you need to. Then deliver. That way, in theory at least, it won’t affect your search position …


OK, just a bit nervous that she’ll take my average review down

Well, yes. But you’ll get paid, which you deserve. And you’ll have the opportunity to put your side of events if she leaves you a review at all …

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So I send over a revised version and she still isn’t happy. She has sent it back as a revision request, but doesn’t actually want any revisions and says that she will rewrite it herself.

I’ve asked her to accept the delivery so that the order can be completed, but what do I do if she doesn’t respond?