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Problem with a buyer

Good day everyone. I had an issue with a buyer which I am still working on sorting out. I was asked to do a web research kind of work as a VA, and agreed to work for 20 hours, because the buyer believes I should be able to complete the work within 20 hours.

Unfortunately for me, the buyer isn’t the kind of person to come online often. I worked over time with the aim of doing all my best to complete the work, explained to her in previous messages what I was doing, and why I was doing them for the sake of time efficiency. After working for about 40 hours despite knowing the buyer paid for 20 hours, and I still wasn’t able to complete the work, I sent the work I’ve done to the buyer hoping she would like it, and explained to the best of my ability what I did within those hours, my calculations, everything there is to know about the work.

After about 5 days, the buyer came back online and said I didn’t complete the work and stuffs like that. I said, I will send a new custom order to work for an extra 20 hours, but said I must complete the work, or else I will be reported to Fiverr.

I don’t know what else to do. But my tips for the sellers is that, if you are going to receive a work relating to data research, data entry, and you are negotiating in the number of hours, have a definite amount of data you cam complete within an hour. The buyers will always want to give you a work that is higher than the pay, they don’t care for anything else except you complete the work, and unfortunately what is paid for is far less than what you would have to spend on the work.

Try and survey the work before agreeing to a price, for instance, I will be able to complete 100 lists in an hour for this kind of work, and if you are paying for 20 hours, expect me to submit 2,000 lists… something like that. It will give both yourself and the buyer a focus point, and what to expect in regards to the work.

This is a learning curve for me, and I hope in case I am reported to Fiverr, Fiverr customer care understands my own point of view and my pain, and help me out, because I have worked so hard regarding the work, and I may eventually loose all my earnings which was definitely not easy to come by for a person like me, and because of where I am from.

Do have a wonderful selling experience everyone!

Kind regards,


I’m sorry this happened to you and what you have to say is a good tip for sellers in general. You don’t ever want to decide on a job based on how long the buyer thinks it will take you. They will usually underestimate it even if they don’t do it on purpose. You have to estimate the price as a seller and give the buyer the appropriate quote.

Since your tip is for sellers, not buyers, you can click Edit and move the post to the Sellers category of the forum.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.