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Problem with a customer

There is this buyer who asked me to do 4 videos in one order… I did them
He then asked for revisions ( he added something that wasn’t in the original script )… I did the revision and re shooted the 4 videos for free
then after that … he asked me to change some other words in the script… I told him I will not do another revision for free and I requested extra dollars but he declined my request and said that he will write a bad review for me

I stated the following clearly in my gig description :
Revision Policy:
No free revisions unless I make a mistake. Please provide unusual pronunciation before I film. This includes acronyms and names. Otherwise, I will pronounce them the best way I can. I will only re-shoot if I mess up the script.

What should I do ?? the order is still in revision… will he be able to cancel soon and I lose the money ??

This is disturbing. I wish I had an answer for you. I am responding here only because I wish to follow up with your question to see how other, more experienced sellers respond to your concern. I am sorry for your trouble. I wish you luck.

This is the point where you should have stopped. You would have probably encountered his demands sooner, before you did all the extra work. Doing extra work for free is, as you’ve now learned, a bad idea.

That said, you need to take this to Customer Support immediately, if you haven’t already done so.

Second step, immediately remove ‘unlimited revisions’ from your gig. Fiverr is not known to support sellers who offer this. (Please see here: (DES) point 1 for more.) Since you did state what counts as a revision in your gig, CS might support you. That you’ve already done free work might hurt your case, however.

When you write CS, be as clear and to the point as possible. Mention the part of the TOS that this seller is violating. Include screenshots of the blackmail attempt. Don’t beg, don’t get emotional, state outright what you would like done. (Note that CS cannot force the buyer to accept the order.)

There’s a chance that you may loose the order, and take a hit to your cancellation rate.


Hello, your gig says “unlimited revisions” and that means what it says.
I don’t see what customer support can do for you due to that.

Since you offered unlimited revisions, if it’s the gig I saw then you have to do that.

If it’s not in the gig description then you can tell him he has reached his limit and you would need to send an offer for additional money if he wants more. Beyond that it’s up to you if you want to cancel, keep telling him no, or risk a bad review. I know it’s a hard choice. You have my sympathy.

I had similar problems. Just contact CS and give them the order number and tell them that the buyer requested additional work and that was not in your gig offer. And tell the CS to cancel the order for you. That way he cant give you a bad review and the order will be canceled. And also send the screenshorts of the messages that buyer sent you. That he will give you a bad review and all that. Hope that helps!

But, as others have stated above, the OP does offer unlimited revisions, so I doubt CS will support her. :roll_eyes:


Yes I get that. But that is not a reason for a buyer to use a seller like that and threaten the seller with a bad review. That’s why I wrote to take screenshots of the conversation and send it to CS.

I very much agree! No seller should be used like this. :frowning:

Nonetheless, by offering unlimited revisions, OP opened herself up to this kind of behavior, as many sellers do. :zipper_mouth_face:

However, from what others and myself have witnessed on the Forum, CS is not sympathetic to sellers who offer unlimited revisions. :roll_eyes:

Sellers are expected to provide what their gig states it will.


Thank you all for your replies… I have only one revision in the gig he bought but, the problem is he bought from a custom offer, I didn’t state how many times of revisions in the custom offer so I think it’s automatically converted to ( unlimited revisions )… and I will not contact CS because you said they will help me cancel the order… cancelling it will take down my order completion rate … and it means that literally all my hard work is going to waste… so… I am going to wait until he changes his mind

I just wanted to know… how can the ( in revision ) state last ?? can it last for months ? or does it have a limit and after that the order will be automatically completed or automatically cancelled ??

This is something to ask CS. We on the forum do try to provide answers, but we are not Fiverr. There are some things that just aren’t known.