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Problem with a seller, advice needed


Hello I have a logo, that I ordered, and sent revisions three times, the seller decided to cancel the order after three times, I received a ticket with a dispute to accept or decline. I offered to pay more for revisions but seller does have on his ad unilimited revisions. I offered to pay for revision. If I decline what does that mean?

Problem solution

Why would you want to force someone to work with you?

Accept the cancellation, get your money back and hire a better seller to modify the design. There are sellers who specializes in enhancing existing logos.


I am not forcing him, they have unlimited revisions, also I would have to wait all over again, so if I decline what does that mean?


If he doesn’t want to work with you, he can contact customer support and ask them to do force cancellation.

Right now, he’s afraid of bad review - biggest concern for sellers (next to chargeback).


You are right and i know he has unlimited revisions but i am sure he did this cause he is not able to do this. I am not saying that he doesn’t want to but he can’t.
That unlimited revisions is for those kind of work that seller know that he can do it and improve it if client want to.
This dispute is a good thing and i hope you won’t take this as a bad thing.


I have zero stake on what happens between you and seller. I’m just giving you the likely scenario.

Real/Good Logo designers are difficult to find. There are so many to choose from and unfortunately, there are more amateur than professionals.


As Gina said you would be forcing him to work for you and this is not a good idea. He has had enough.



maybe he / she in out of time, or have finished personal data :slight_smile: I never do this.s with buyers, Fiverr buyers are very very gentle and good person…


its maybe be come bad result. not need to ask , cancel order and choose other , if do not found , I am here to do. :smile:


I am agree wit you. but not at all… have to ask the actual reason of cancellation first.


Don’t Force the seller for more revision. If he is not able to gives more revision simple cancel the order and find another seller who able to give you 100% satisfaction.
Thank you