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Problem with account restricted, why not check both sides of the issue


I also have a problem with the account. Support meets as a template without any check. My account is limited because I’ve SPAM. I sent the same request for making a mobile application to 30-40 seller. This is normal, not everyone should choose the best offer. How do I choose from 5-10 people. Someone complained that I SPAM, SPAM what once would I offer them and I’m not offered me.
For years I’ve user of this site and have over 120 completed purchases and all with 100% positive vote for me. Do you spam me.
I suggested to slide to see or send them correspondence with other users who have complained to see if they break the rules, but no response.
I begin to regret that so years I’ve been honest here … Lord of support when making a decision ask both sides of the issue., not just one side of the problem. Complained were those which I turned down the offer.

I’ll be glad if someone here told me normally and writes like a machine answers.


Fiverr does consider both sides of an issue. Their goal is to be impartial, and make decisions according to their rules and terms, not take sides and alienate users.

If Customer Support took action against your account, they did it with good reason. If you have concerns about that action, you need to talk with them, not complain about it here on the forums.


No, sometimes even CS makes mistakes. I’ve experienced it before when they disabled my account “by mistake”. All my problems were solved by communicating respectfully and providing screenshots and explications where necessary.

@cloc119, if you’ve sent the same message to a lot of sellers in a short period of time, the system could’ve marked your message as spam. All you have to do is coherently explain your problem in a ticket. I don’t think that sending a brief to multiple sellers is spam.


@exilegraphics - Ah, but is IS spam if that copy-pasted brief is trying to encourage buyers to purchase services that they did not ask for. Fiverr is a marketplace. If someone needs a service, they look for it in the listings of gigs, revisit their favorite gigs to re-order, or place a Buyer’s Request. Sellers shouldn’t be sending “buy my gigs” messages to other users, not even past buyers.

Buyers come to you and initiate interest. Don’t send messages to multiple other users asking them to purchase (or re-purchase) your gigs. That is, most definitely, spam.


If you sent the same thing to 30 or 40 sellers that’s spam.

There is no reason to send the same thing to that many sellers. And that includes if you are trying to find one to buy from.


That’s right, I sent a short period more inquiries that I then choose a better offer. Just my fault, though I received offers but I did not send.
Maybe it is my fault, but I did not expect that this is a problem.

And to clarify, I am a buyer and not the seller. So I do not see why spam … I do not suggest that … I’m looking for.


@jonbaas I agree with what you are saying. But if you paid a little more attention to the first post, you would have noticed he’s a buyer, not a seller.


Yes some times it takes enough time but if you will communicate with the support center you issue will surely be solved :slight_smile:


Posting spam is not an issue confined to only sellers. Many buyers are equally at fault. In fact, I have received many cut-and-paste buyer messages that were clearly sent to multiple sellers. A personal approach is a much better tactic to pursue. Spam can ruin a person’s reputation, regardless of whether someone is a buyer or a seller.

Advice: Sellers, let the buyers come to you if they are interested in your services. Buyers, take the time to read a seller’s gig details rather than taking the lazy approach, and mass-spamming them for information that can easily be researched on an individual basis with each seller.



to share what happened. My account again restored, thank Fiverr for understanding.
My first job was as log in to delete all Requests. There is no doubt about SPAM you think. Then in my inbox I answered two vendors with which a few days refine my project and my account was again blocked.
I would love to hear your answer where I’m broke the rules.

I say these two vendors I speak for several days and they meet me.
To clarify that both I replied in a uniform way because I want to project.
Fix your system, I am a loyal customer with an excellent reputation and you block me and sellers who twice lied and ruined my one and wiped database optimized website you judge in their favor dispute.

You as admin to check the history and cache and see who was wrong and who is not.


I cannot speak to Customer Support’s actions against your account (or why they chose those actions). I can only comment to the effect, nature, and definition of spam. Please don’t try to drag me into the larger issue. I’m glad your issue was resolved with CS. That is – and was – an issue between only you and CS.