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Problem with adding skill and education

Hi I’m trying to introduce myself/register and I’m constantly being told to add at least one skill … one Education when I have already supplied the information. The Add button for Skills and Education remained inactive, and each time I refreshed I had to refill all the info. Then I faced the same issue all over.

Can anyone help me resolve this? All other buttons were active.

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I’d really be grateful for some help.

I have the very same problem.

I have the same problem myself. Education and languages. What ca I do? Please help

I had the same problem. Maybe they don’t want new workers.

same problem im getting …unable to do


There is no option in green to ADD

I am new here or I have been lurking around in the shadows for some year now.
Now today I felt, let´s do this.
So I was going to register a work. So I got to skill, added my skill from the drop down meny, so it is a legit skill, BUT the add do not activate and the skill box has a red square around it, what do I do now? Same problem as you others have, how can one fix that? I would love to work beside you all on this lovely site.

Hi !
I have the same problem here, I cannot add skills, certificate or languages, when I add something from the drop list, a read rectangle appears and the menu don’t add anything?

Same Problem. Makes you want to stop trying this site. They should have fixed it by now.

The problem was resolved by the Support Team, they did awesome help.

I don’t have time to read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone already suggested this but I had the same problem adding the languages I speak and CS told me to try another browser and it worked just fine from Chrome. Just try a different browser :wink:

I tried Chrome but it didn’t wok.

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Has anyone got a reply on this? I have the same problem and cannot see any reply. I tried a different browser as well. Thank you.

I faced the same problem and got the solution!
This is what happened- I tried to add my major subject typing manually several times but the add button was inactive. Then i refreshed the page and started again and finally when i tried to write the major subject it showed in the drop down menu and i just selected it then the add button activated immediately. I just hit the button and it was saved.

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I had the same issue and followed the above comment to try another browser (coulda thought of that myself). Firefox didn’t work but oddly enough Opera did… I reckon it could be add-blockers that prompt that behavior… But then again when I tried again in Firefox a simple refresh fixed it… looks like poor javascript code to me

I solved the problem turning off the ad blocker. Try with that.