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Problem with an order after it's "delivered"

Hi guys, I’m having a problem with an order and your website seems to be specifically designed to offer no help, no contact info, etc.

I placed an order for a picture to be painted, which it was and delivered online as a scan. That was all good and fine. Problem arises as a part of the order was a +10 USD fee to have the actual painted picture sent to my address by postal mail.

This never happened, and despite my trying to write to the person responsible, I have not recieved any response.

Using the resolution-center is not possible as it’s been many days since the order was finished in your system and there’s no email address anywhere I can find to write to.

Here is the info:

Seller: fragglesrock

Order: #FO42D588CFF5

March 03, 2014

Please help!

  • Magnús

    Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. You need to contact Customer Support

Yeah, use that link and while you are searching that page, use the little Submit a Request text button. Fiverr apparently thinks that these kinds of issues come under the category of “Requests” not problems.