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Problem with buyer, in need of advice

I have a buyer who requested a few revisions, did everything that was asked, spending about 2 hours on it. He asked for work done outside the scope of what I usually offer and to be nice I agreed. He also asked for one of my paid extras and again to keep him happy I agreed to let him have it at no cost. Then he asked to cancel the order saying ‘the seller can’t do this job’, despite the fact I’d done everything that was asked. He then replied telling me what hadn’t been done, mentioning something he’d not even asked me to do. I didn’t want to cancel due to the time I’d put in so declined saying I wanted him to be happy so would offer unlimited revisions. He then requested to cancel again this time saying ‘the quality of work was poor’ (I have 96 5-star reviews and no bad reviews so I know my work and service is to a high standard). I declined again this time offering unlimited revisions and all my paid extras. He told me if I don’t cancel he’ll give me a bad review. I contacted support and they were helpful at first but the last 2 replies have been from different people and they’re just telling me to resolve this with the buyer which he has no intention of.

This has dragged on now and been such a negative experience I just want it to end. I no longer care about the money, I just don’t want it to negatively affect my stats.

What would you do?

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Just cancel the order. We all face negative experiences in our life. If you don’t cancel the order, he’ll give you a negative review, that’s the worst thing about this platform, buyer thinks they can get whatever they want and you have to do it because you worked really hard and you don’t want to cancel it. But sometimes that’s the only way out of the trouble. I hope it will not affect your order completion rate.


For 96 normal buyers, only one freak? You should be proud of such statistics.


I assume you told this to support already? That’s blackmailing, and in this case, I’d take the bad review, if he’ll actually leave it (I’ve had a similar case, where the buyer didn’t leave any review in the end), and leave a bad review too, so hopefully no other sellers would work with him. You did the work, you shouldn’t be bullied into cancelling but get your money for the time you spent. Blackmailing attempts shouldn’t be tolerated. I’m hoping support would, well, support you in this case, though. I think there have been a few cases where they actually removed a review, which they supposedly do if there’s a ToS violation involved. IMO, a bad review following a failed blackmail attempt should count there, but support might see that differently, hard to tell.

Remember that you won’t just lose the money for your work but it will count against your stats if you cancel, the only chance for it to not count against your stats is if support cancels for you in a way it won’t.

I understand you just wanting this to end and to not get a bad review as revenge from a scheming person and to not waste any more time on this, however. Your decision. (You’ll probably regret it later though, if you cave.)


I’m with @miiila here: don’t cave.

Buyers like this happen sometimes … and you need to stand your ground.

Take a screenshot of the blackmail attempt, attach it to your CS contact, be clear you’ve done everything you can … and refuse to cancel. Be very polite to CS and ask them to cancel in a way that won’t affect your stats. They’re usually very helpful if you’re polite, keep it short and attach screenshots.