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Problem with buyer on custom order

Hello all,

I have been selling on Fiverr for a few months now, and have been nothing but very happy with this web-site.

Recently, I have been contacted by a buyer on my “Do C/C++ programming assignments”, and we agreed that he would make a custom order for that Gig. Order in qustion is: #FO321514AC02

I started working on that order, after first day of work, I sent him a sample, and the code which I had written until then. Buyer appear satisfied and told me “everything is great”.

I have sent him an entire project the next day, and he asked for a modification by saying “that it is done in C++, and he needs in in C”. He did not mention that when we were discussing the order, or when I sent a sample code. He only mentioned that when I had finished everything. I think this is unfair, and that I shouldn’t have to write a completely new code now when I have already finished what he asked for. I can guarantee that the code fully works.

Of course, I can not deliver again, because he will always simply ask for modification. How do I know he is just playing me so he wouldn’t have to pay for my work.

Any advice, Fiverr?

Thanks in advance,


I have experienced a similar issue before; I can only suggest that you contact Customer Support. I sounds likely that you will have to either cancel the order or redo it without compensation. Both sound horribly unfair, however this is the case for a large part of the Fiverr buyer/seller system. :frowning: Good luck!

Wow, thank you for very swift reply!

I’m sad to hear that. I understand that customers have to be protected, but sellers should have some influence too!

Thank you for this information. I have contacted Customer Support and am waiting to hear from them…

All the best!

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