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Problem with buyer request

Buyer requet suddenly dosn’t show any kind of jobs or buyer activity !!
any suggestions to slove this issue?

The only solution to “solve” this, would be to earn a promotion back up to “Level 1” seller. It appears that you have recently been demoted to “New Seller”, and Fiverr does not allow “New Sellers” to see many Buyer Requests.

When you are promoted back up to “Level 1”, you will once again see plenty of buyer requests that you will be able to respond to.

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thanks , so the rules are changes when some one dropped to new seller he coudn’t see buyer request , but I was remember before 6 month when I was new seller I was have see the list working well ! .

but maybe the rules are change now , due to challenges !

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The rules officially changed on January 15 – earlier this year. They have been in effect ever since.

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Not a bug.