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Problem with buyers asking for refunds even if the work was done correctly

I have had this issue in the past but it started happening more and more.

After I deliver an order the buyer asks for a full refund without any explanation.

I know the work I provided is A LOT more then what the buyer asked and still I have no way of protecting my work once I deliver it.

I am sick and tired of people just asking for refunds after we agreed on exactly what will be delivered.

What is the best practice in this situation ? How can one prevent this sort of abusive conduct from the buyer?

This is the world of business.

You have to lower the price of your gigs.

The smaller the gig, the smaller the refund value of the product.

The quality is super great.

Good service.

And listen to them

Reply to @tipstricks3315: What gig is this happening on? And do you require the a buyer contact you first before ordering? ARe these buyers problems from the beginning? If so learn to spot them and then do mutual cancellations from the beginning.

Also, if this is happening again and again you might want to look at revising your gig description to try and ward off bad buyers.

I think it should be made clear to buyers that when you ask for a refund and get it, that you’re not entitled to continue using the content created as a result of the gig- licensing is only given on the condition that the creator is paid. Of course, given the climate of freelancing on the Internet, that might be a bit too much to ask from people who are convinced(quite incorrectly) that they own the content in every facet.

People who are happy with content but are unwilling to pay for it are my biggest pet peeve with the creative industry.

I’m really tyred of such situations… Because I have many buyers who buy gig. And i’m not able to receive money from delivered work. All work done but buyer not accept it and always mark this order - need modifications - BUT not even tell what they don’t like… doing like this again and again - this orders become as late delivery. And i’m receiving bad rating from Fiverr… Fiverr support need to do something with this…

One thought on it…

What do you mean “after we agreed on exactly what will be delivered.”?

Are you saying this is happening on custom gig orders?

If not then you need to make your gigs very clear so they order a gig and get what is in the gig. There should not be discussion about what is getting delivered, it should state it clearly in your gig what a buyer will receive. So I am not sure what kind of “agreements” you are entering into.

Which gig is this happening on more and more?

Reply to @builddesign: I dig your sentiment trying to be understanding of the financial hardship others are facing around the world, but being from an affluent region doesn’t reflect how much money you, as an individual living in that region, actually have.

I’d rather say that if you as an individual have money to burn, the problem you had with the delivery was minimal, and the seller worked very hard on it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to let it go. I don’t mean lie and give them a great rating in spite of it. I mean being honest about not being happy with it, leaving your rating, and moving on.

@builddesign Being from an affluent region has nothing to do with anything.

Like fastcopywriter said, you can’t prevent it. All you can do is try to spot scenarios where it might happen and nip them in the bud before it gets to that point.

If you are from from an affluent region and you ask for a refund on a $5 order, you are a jerk, even if you don’t like the job.

littledwarv said: How can one prevent this sort of abusive conduct from the buyer?

You can’t prevented, I’ve refunded $5 and $20 orders. I’ve refunded orders after doing a revision. Some buyers have no respect for the seller, I use to insult them when doing the resolution center, but that got me in trouble with Fiverr. Now I’m just telling them that if they want a refund, they should hit resolution center and fill in the form. Let them waste their time filling up a form, I have better things to do.

The only good news is that buyers who demand refudns are a minority of your clients.

My worst day featured 7 buyers demanding refunds, out of 21. I lost $65 that day, but made $68. Normally I get a refund request every two days or so. From July 1-4 I had no requests, but on the 5th I got one.

In a perfect world, refunds should mean you get to keep 50% of the order. But Fiverr isn’t like that, maybe the founders of Fiverr know that buyers would stop coming if they couldn’t get refunds.

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Actually, the seller needs to be protected if they work well.

But sometimes there are buyers that are difficult to set or difficult to meet their needs

I had some pretty bad sellers lately. In one week 10. It ground me down quite a lot especially with the mod queue (I never get asked for mods, I was beginning to think I’d lost my touch or something). So I refunded a few really irritating cheap people just to get them off my back.

No problems this week, and I saw it for what it was: some people just want a freebie. Your best bet is to remain professional, if you get a glut of them, delete the real pain points, and move on to focus on new clients, 99.9% who will appreciate you and give that ego a precious little “you’re not that awful” massage. I have my only “late delivery” bad review due to over-focusing on the bad and not moving on.

My favorite sentence last week was: “I didn’t like the quality of work. I dont want to put a bad review so i prefer to cancel.” OK mate. Bad (threatened) review or no money? I’ll take the bad review, please. Good idea from @fastcopywriter, I think I’ll just do that myself from now on, I’m about done with circular arguments about my “subpar” writing. Expletive off, expletive.

Do modifications, but if they say “this is awful” then ask why. If they won’t say more and want a refund, tell them to contact Customer Support. It’s really not worth the time and effort. Or, take the bad review, be sure you delivered well and they’re just being nasty for the sake of it, then consult CS for hopeful support.

Reply to @sincere18: This happens on normal 5$ gigs.

My problem is I have no way of tracking if the user used the material or not.

What I was thinking of doing is to offer the rejected product for free to other paying customers. One of my other problems is the nature of the gig makes it close to impossible to track whether the clients used it. (I am referring here to the spintax services I provide)

What I have been trying to do is provide an complete explanation of what I am delivering and also provide samples - but even so it does not stop this kind of conduct

Reply to @misscrystal:
The world average income was about $1500 a year last time I checked, so $5 is about a days wages.
In the more affluent regions places that is coffee money.
I would never ask someone to refund a days wages even if the service was bad, I would just go to the next fiver.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:
21 orders in one day? Wow you are fast.
I like the way you wright, I may need your help soon, I have new products to launch,
when I am ready I will contact you.

Reply to @builddesign: Also, depending on what it’s for, a refund could be considered fraudulent- I have never seen a refunded art commission.

Reply to @builddesign: I can’t agree with this. No matter where you are from, you deserve at least $5 quality work for $5 spent.