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Problem with buyer's request

Hey, I am a new comer on Fiver. The point is that I am unable to see the buyer’s request whenever I open it. Can anyone tell me the exact reason?

they come and go v quickly … you have to be vigilant… installing fiverr app would be a good idea…

Thanks a lot, besides, is there any time at which buyers request are more east to access?

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Hi there @furur9, this is perfectly normal. You’re a new seller so you won’t see a lot of buyer request. This only applies mostly to level 1 sellers. However, keep watching your BR from time to time, as they appear occasionally, even to new sellers. Good luck! Warmly, Humberto

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you have to find it for YOUR time-zone by hit and trial… Generally they are low on weekends

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If you don’t see buyer requests at all, even when you are checking on different times, it’s beacouse your gigs are not in the category which buyers send request in, you can try creating gigs in “other” category for example. Or try other categories.

Thanks for your reply