Problem with buyers


People just ordering without contacting me before! I feel really upset when I wake up and I see order, and nothnig no instructions no files, just order and time ticking, then they show up and start conversation with me, and asking me if I am able to do that…Any trick how to solve this would be great! Thank you very much in advance!

And yes one more question does mutual cancelations affect my rating ???


Well, I had 2 cancellations today and both the buyers had contacted me before ordering. I told them that its something that i cannot do and still they went ahead with the order. I see a conspiracy here :-L


In my view a problem can also occur when a buyer contacts you through your inbox instead of/ without using the button. When somebody new to the Fiverr concept wants to order a gig and does not use the button because he/she thinks he/ she can operate outside the system I would not want to go there either. Negotiating or asking information using the inbox is fine but I would not like to have anybody mistaking the inbox for an order button.

At least pushing the button should ensure that somebody knows the system.


Yeah it would be nice if the buyers can submit what they want made then it goes into an approval stage where we the sellers can over look it and accept/decline the project.

But as it is now your only option is to do it or cancel it, I don’t believe a mutual cancelation affects your rating but it does affect your cancelation %


In order to deal with the problem of direct ordering. You can do two things. Set the requirements to related to your gig. This will keep the buyer from starting the gig automatically. You can also ask the buyers to message you first before ordering.


I’m not quite sure I know what your saying.

When someone orders a gig, they automatically have to send the information to you before the timer starts.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Not true. Some sellers forget/neglect to include buyer instructions. Gigs without instructions go straight to the countdown. There is nothing to input. This confuses new buyers as they are not aware that the timer starts immediately.


I’ve had an experience with someone who ordered a gig clearly marked as providing re-writing and proofreading. After they ordered, they asked me to also format and provide e-book ready material – all for $25. 30,000+ words! And then when I said my focus would be on what my gig explained, they cancelled the order - after insulting me! Oh well - time to move on. Of course I did a mutual cancellation - there would have been no way to please that person. But doesn’t seem fair if it does affect my rating in any way.


Reply to @cheezees: correct cheezees


Reply to @atechkid: Unfortunately I have 2 cancellations every day and that is so frustrating :frowning:


#cheezees - Well. Then I must be a stand alone Fiverr. Because everytime I buy a gig, or when someone orders a gig. Fiverr automatically sends them a message requesting instructions for the gig. If the buyer doesn’t answer, the gig countdown doesn’t start.

I actually have a gig in my que right now from 4 months ago. Still there. The countdown hasn’t started yet because they haven’t answered Fiverrs request. 4 months ago. And I can’t message them because the account is blocked from getting messages. So for 4 months this gig has been in my que. When I see it in the Manage sales que, it says awaiting requirements.

4 months and the countdown hasn’t started because the buyer never submitted my requirements. And I guess it’ll sit there until they realize that.


Well. That makes sense. Which is also the answer to the topic starter.

@milos357 - Edit your gig and add some instructions to the buyers. That way, the gig won’t start until they respond.


Reply to @darklimitarts: All cancelations, over 20% effects your rating negatively. Basically you will lose your level(s).


I’m agree with you because the buyer darkmike just orders from me a gig and when I designed all he wants and make all revisions he rate me negative and sad the if I refund he will remove the negative review so I refund him a money, so now he is using my design, he just get the design for free and fiverr costumer service just disabled me because I was “not competitive in my words” I want to ask from you what to do in that situations when the buyers just trowing us?


I have the same issue as many others. Even though my gigs have requirements, many times the buyer replies with a regular message and doesn’t include what I need to get started. There needs to be an approval process where the seller can mark “Yes, the instructions were delivered in full.” before the timer starts. This is a very frustrating process for buyers that need information such as web hosting details to work on a seller’s website.


My gigs require information from the buyer. I also request a potential buyer to contact me first. This is the most important step as far as I’m concerned. I have some great repeat customers who ALWAYS contact me first. The problems always arise when a buyer does not contact me first. These have also been the only cancellations I’ve had.

I currently have an order (with extras) from a buyer who did not contact me first and in the response for information said “It would be much easier if I could email you the information”. According to Fiverr this buyer responded so the countdown started. However, that’s the last I heard from this buyer and I’ve messaged twice since then. This order is now nearing closure. So… asking the buyer to contact you and requesting information does not necessarily work. The buyer has the option to decline a submitted order. Sellers need the option to decline an order!