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Problem with cancellation of an order placed by a buyer

Recently a buyer placed an order for one of my gigs. And after I see the file and discuss it with the buyer I decided to not do the job for a personal reason. I asked the buyer to cancel the order but he didn’t respond.

When I try to cancel the order from my part I find that this will cause me a loss of 5$, Weaken Order Completion Rate, and Listing placement could change.

Please can anyone help tell me what should I do? Should I contact the support team?

What will happen if time runs out? Will he be deducted from my profits and punished?

Thank you in advance.

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Of course you will “loose” 5$, you can’t keep money if you didn’t do any work.
You decided that you can’t do it for a personal reasons so don’t you think it’s fair that it will affect your completion ratio?
You can of course reach out to support that they can‘t guarantee that your ratio wouldn’t be affected, it all depends on the cancellation reason.