Problem with cover photo and impressions! Help!


Hello! I made one gig, and as soon as finished it, i posted it on this forum. Few hours later, i got one order for that gig and i finished it without any problems. Everything was fine, my gig was listed on second page (Intro section), but tomorrow, i received an email from Fiverr, saying that cover image for that gig isn’t good. I changed it a lot of times, but every time i would get the same message. Its been a while, about 4 days, since the last time i changed that cover image. Looks like they accepted it, but i still cant find my gig on Intro section, and it doesn’t have any impressions, clicks, or total pageviews. Only one order. The only way i can find my gig is to search for its full name or all the keywords/tags i wrote for that gig. Is it a glitch? Shouldn’t it be again on the second page?

This is link to that gig, if it can help you:


I also get message that some of my gigs need some changes before they can go live, and in My Gigs, there is 1 gig that needs changes, but when i want to see which gig is that, it says no gigs need modifications. I am getting this message every time i log in for 20 days now. What can i do??

Thank You!




Hi and welcome.

Breathe, relax. Your gigs are all “new arrivals”. It takes time for gigs to settle in.

For starters…

Your gig descriptions are sparse. I’d do some work there.

You’re snow candy cane gig, might be a bit late for this Christmas season.

You’re gigs are all over the map. Might be hard for a Buyer to figure out what you do exactly, and if you’re any good it. Could cause a buyer to just move on.


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Good luck! :slight_smile: