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Problem with customer, HELP!

Hi, I would like to hear your advice on what to do.
I am currently working with a customer and before they purchased my gig I did a Free detailed sketch ( they requested a drawing of them for a business). So for the sketch, I drew the whole face and I said that I will do the body and other little details after they pay, they liked what they saw and purchased.
Now after a lot of revisions, they are sending me someone else’s work on Fiverr which is in a different style compared to mine, and from my understanding, they want me to do exactly what the other person offered them.
I think this person has purchased my gig in the aim to get cheaper work done, used the other person and is aiming to try and get a refund for one of our gigs even though we both worked hard on it, what should I do?


Firstly, remove ‘unlimited’ from all your gigs.

Second, politely inform your buyer that they paid for your work, not someone else’s.

Set your boundaries now.


First of all never do free work or work before the customer pays, the situation you are currently in, is an example of a cheap buyer. You can create designs in your style, even if you want, you cannot copy someone else’s creativity and the designing method.

Tell your customer that, you order this design and i cannot change the complete design based on this now. You are a designer, you do know that no one will ever satisfy with a design, we keep changing it and making it more better and good. Deliver what was initially you guys did the deal for.

Set up your prices high because majority of the time, lower pricing attracts cheap and fake customers.

Contacting CS will the pain in the head these days because they are already busy with so many tickets. Try to complete the order and then just block them afterwards so they cannot order again from you.

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Had to cancel the order mutually. Any tips on improving after a cancellation? my impressions had dropped massively from 2 weeks ago and I wasn’t able to improve them and this doesn’t help

Why do you want to cancel the order???

You should do your gig promotion then.
Facebook Group and Twitter is the best place to start.
Share your gig link to social media with correct tag.
It should help get more impressions for your gigs.


I wasn’t able to satisfy the customers needs as my style was very different to the other designer she was contacting to do exactly the same work

For the future:

Copying someone else’s work is a breach of their copyright and against TOS. Whether that’s what the buyer wants from you or not.

Never do free work. If buyers want a sample, make them pay for it, even if it’s only $5.

This may be helpful