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Problem with customer


Hello. I think I have problem with my customer and with his order… I have designed maybe more than 15 logos because he uses his unlimited revsions… on every logo I have designed he just says something that he don’t like and he changes his minds on every design, I think this customer is joking with me and he just want to waste my time… I don’t know what to do… help?


Perhaps you can contact customer support and send them the conversation? Surely there’s something that can be done here.


To many buyers, unlimited means unlimited. I know it’s popular, but I wouldn’t offer revisions like that. Just a thought!


You need to explain what revisions actually are:
A revision is a slight change to the finished work due to a misunderstanding of the request or perhaps a color change etc.
A revision is not a complete change in an order because the buyer made a mistake or changed their mind.
That said, stating “unlimited revisions” on a gig description is basically a magnet for unreasonable people so you kinda need to think about whether to keep that. Generally any more than 3 revisions means either you or the buyer have not been communicating/understanding properly. If it is you then you need to become more professional, rethink your requirements and/or questions.
If it is the buyer then they need to pay extra for using more of your time.

It is also possible that the buyer is hoping that you will get frustrated and ask them to cancel giving them a free logo. Obviously they won’t have the right to use it but are you really going to check?


very well said, both buyers and sellers do not understand What REVISION actually is…


That is why you don’t offer unlimited revisions.


As crazy as this sounds (actually not crazy at all) I think it’s time for you to get rid of those unlimited revisions. Limit it to 3 so that way customers are more respectful and request revisions more mindfully. Basically people tend to unintentionally (sometimes intentionally) abuse the system when they know they can theoretically do so forever. There’s something about that word “unlimited” that just brings out the best in people! (which is why I suppose you offer them). Give someone 3 tries to do complete somehting, guaranteed they won’t abuse those three chances they have. I think the best course of action for you would be to respectfully stand your ground. Explain what a revision is and the difference between what’s he’s asking for. Also explaining the process and the time that goes into each project gives a good perspective. I’m sure you can reach some sort of resolution where you both come out on top. If not… well… you know what to do (CS). Good luck.


@tonywfilm - Well-said. :slight_smile:


Thank y’all for your help.