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Problem With Deliver Work Button


Hi Fiverr folks, wondering how I might fix this issue I just recently started experiencing with Chrome and FireFox:

When I click Deliver Work (and the alternative method - link right next to it) - I can’t get past the point where I select the file to upload (browser freezes).

I can deliver just fine using Internet Explorer…anyone else have this issue and possibly a resolution?

BTW - Windows 7, Upload is a small PDF file (KB, not MB).


I have not had a problem uploading zip files or deliverying my work except for the fact it shows that the order is still active. All I did was send a message to customer support and they corrected the problem. Anytime there is a hitch in the goddup of Fiverr I know that there is always an alternative answer or I contact customer support who are always fanstatic to work with.


I’ve had it happen every now and then when I can’t deliver in Firefox. For some reason it fixes itself after about 24 hours but will randomly happen every now and then. Not sure what the problem is but when it does happen - if I need to get the work delivered that day - I will use Internet Explorer, as much as I don’t like using that browser.


when I used Firefox I have the same problem. but then I change into IE and it works. sometimes I use link referred to cloud Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I aggre with you, use chrome! ~O)


hi, i need to deliver an order. its already late. i have been trying to click the deliver now button since yesterday, but it wont deliver.


I had that happen in Chrome a couple of times so I switched to IE and it worked.

Usually Chrome works best though.


@misscrystal and @blaisefaint
i am having the same issue
i have delivery tonight need help