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Problem with deliver


I have a very weird problem that hasn’t happend to me till now.

I can’t deliver my order.

I can press the “deliver your order” button and the popup windows appears, but when I click Deliver it just redirects me to the order page and the counter continues to run. I can see my message that I wrote and I see the message that I says “Here’s your delivery”, but like a said the counter continues to run and on the top bar I have the message "Order in Progress Deliver Soon " and next to it the button to deliver(not deliver again). Also the order is in my “In progress” section, not delivered.

Does anyone else had this type of problem?

Contact Customer Support, maybe make a screen record to show them the problem

It happened to me after I tried delivering two orders in quick succession.

I clicked away from Fiverr, surfed for a couple of minutes, got back on Fiverr, clicked on the same order, delivered again, and this time it went through as it should.

Check on the buyer’s status. I guess click on their profile and see what it says. This happened to be once and the buyer had closed his account or gotten kicked off.

Reply to @catwriter: Hmm, that makes me think that if clicking away doesn’t work, clearing cache and cookies or using another browser might. Sounds like a glitch. If anyone else is having the problem I’d try these methods before contacting CS since the easy shots are a lot faster! Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: