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Problem with delivery time

i’m facing problem with " deliver on time rating" let suppose i have 1 day to complete particular order and i deliver order after finishing half time now deliver on time rating suddenly drops i don’t know why this is happening to me even i’m delivering before deadline

is there any solution of this problem

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If I understand correctly you say you delivered on time before the clock ran out yet your deliver on time rating dropped. That is likely a bug, contact Customer Support →

yes exactly,
before delivery my rating was 91% and just after delivering rating drops to 90% and i remember half time was ran out when i delivered

Do you have deliveries that are late within the past 30-60 days?

yes, one order was late. it may be happen 10 to 15 days before i guess

No other late gigs? Anyway, I don’t think the recent happening is related to your delivery completion rate drop. It’s just the calculation of your past late delivered gigs. I don’t think its a bug

O.K. how it can be improve. is there any solution??

Don’t deliver orders late. That completion rate will be back to 100% in 60 days from the last time you delivered late

o.k thank you very much for this help :slightly_smiling_face: