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Problem with delivery


I am having problems with making deliveries today, all the buyers are claiming inability to access the files. Does anyone have an idea on how to approach this??


@naphtaly actually the new updates bring a lot of problem with it. The system was very fast but now its laggy


We have been having intermittent issues today. A buyer messaged me, I heard the pop notification, but did not find the message in the inbox, until 3 hours later.

So most probably, the server is having sporadic issues here and there.


This is really affecting the day’s work, they should solve the problem. Some new customers are really complaining. And some crucial deadlines are not being met. I’ll have to deliver the work through the inbox and hope I am not dealing with scammers😄


First question I ask:

Are you accessing files via your phone, or a computer?

Some files do not download correctly on phones… Some files don’t download correctly on all phones.

If I know they are on a computer, I consider that a real issue. If they are on a phone, usually it’s an issue on their end. (Meaning their phone doesn’t support that file format via download…)

I download it myself, sometimes from another computer. If that works, 99% of the time it’s an issue on their end. (Which browser, which OS, etc.)


It was an issue with three buyers, different computers, OS… But after sometime it was resolved. I think it was just a minor issue with the site.


i found solution

just using winrar software
zip your final delivery in a folder

then send to buyer.

it will be send without any error


That may work, but I’m delivering 10 to 15 gigs a day average, and don’t have any issues at this point with my clients downloading audio for voice over.

I have sent very large files via a link to a Google Drive share, and that works well too.

Note that not all buyers understand zipped/compressed files so I don’t recommend that UNLESS you’re having delivery issues.

My first line of defense would be one of the cloud drives that are approved by Fiverr (as long as the link is in the delivery message).