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Problem with dowloading files attached to Buyer Requests


When I click to download a file attached to a Buyer Request, it doesn’t download with its original name.

On Chrome the downloaded file looks something like this: attachment_dbe7866d63fa0c63185831c797258711.jpg
This is annoying but still usable.
However, on Firefox, which is my go-to browser, the filename will look like this: attachment_dbe7866d63fa0c63185831c797258711
so I’ll have to go into file explorer and add the file extension myself if I want to open it, which is twice as annoying and sometimes unusable if the original file had a long enough name that it doesn’t display fully and I have to guess which extension to add.


Use another browser please.


I know the workarounds, I’m reporting the bug so that it can be fixed.