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Problem with Fiverr accounting

I don’t know it’s a bug or whatever, today atleast 4-6 hours ago 2 orders worth $25 and $15 was cleared, buyer marked as completed with rating, but no effect on PENDING CLEARANCE. Fiverr should be serious about such matters.

I sent a mail to their so called customer support but no update about these 2 cleared orders.

Experienced the same thing too :frowning:

It seems to be ok now. Thanks.

yes, problem solved by fiverr \m/

It’s not solved for me. One of the completed sales appears now in “pending clearance”, but not the rest.
EDIT: yes, it’s solved now.

OK I deleted my rant, at first my Paypal account wasn’t linking to Fiverr but I think it was Fiverr doing it’s sporadic “maintenance” because it just kept refreshing the page and not notifying it was doing anything, left for a a bit came back and tried again, “seemed” to have linked them, had me worried their for a moment, even sent a ticket to support, I will give it 24 hrs, hopefully it’s all up and working by then :slight_smile: