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Problem with fiverr font

hi… i have problem with my fiverr font … i am unable to read ., eyes getting tiered … anyone else facing this problem…?:persevere:


:expressionless: i also have the same problem and still don’t know how to fix it…

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In the app or on the desktop site? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Can you maybe share a screenshot?

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check the file

@sjorscrusius i have attach a screen shot …

Wow this is terrible. Makes me a bit :nauseated_face: seasick!

No idea what it could be thoug, it only happens on Fiverr and not on any other website?

Maybe cleaning the cache of your browser does the trick? it’s a long shot…

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yes i am also facing this weird problem…

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yes this is only on fiverr… even fiverr forum font is good …

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That is not official fiverr font, try following:

  • History from browser
  • Cached images and files
  1. Try with different browser
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I don’t have this problem, but I had a similar problem because Chrome cannot render Helvetica correctly for some reason, and I had to replace it with Arial.

Basically I’ve installed the UserCSS addon for Chrome, which allowed me to change the fonts to whatever I wanted with a bit of custom CSS styling.

There are similar font-changing extensions for Chrome like “Fontface Ninja” or “Font Changer with Google Web Fonts”, which are less complex, so have a look and experiment a bit with them until you manage to change the fonts to your liking :wink:

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thank you very much … i will try…

i have tried but still facing this error… :frowning:

1 >simply download roboto font from google that will be 12 font and install or overwrite it
2 >go to your windows fonts folder close google chrome and delete all Helvetica fonts
your problem will be solve 100000%

Relaunch your browser

Thanks for the help, already resolved :slight_smile: