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Problem with fiverr search after vacation mode

Hi everybody,

I’m a level 1 seller, I got many orders last week, so I have activated vacation mode to focus on them. But when I disabled it, my gigs dont appear in fiverr searches, it has been 24 hours since I disabled it and it’s always the same problem. I have 25 completed order with 5 stars review. I hope that someone could help me. Thank you.

In my experience when you go on vacation :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella: mode your orders will slow down for awhile. It took a week for mine to come back.

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Vacation? What’s a vacation? Does the world look like it’s run by Carebears? I Fiverr even when I’m having open heart surgery.

More seriously, maybe think about just pausing gigs next time. Vacation mode should really be renamed “life emergency/ not sure I’ll ever be back/ the Feds finally found me mode.”

I have have used vacation mode in the distant past and I did notice a huge drop after deactivating it. Pausing gigs during peak busy times, though, seems to go under the radar of the Fiverr search gremlins.


Thank you for the answer. But in my case, I can’t find my gig in any of all the pages with the keyword “Matlab”. It was never below the sixth line in first page

I have no idea what Matlab is.

Usually when I don’t know what something is and need a quick explanation, I look for a lucid/viewable video on youtube. Maybe saddle up your marketing horse and create a well tagged “What is Matlab?” video on Youtube and Dtube and put a few links pointing back to your gig.

When in order oblivion, market your way out.

Edit: Also increasing prices seems to get the Fiverr searches attention. :slight_smile:


I use the vacation mode about 10 days per month and didn’t notice any problem but some sellers say that the vacation mode affect their gig.

One of my gig had completely disappeared since january. I sent a screenshot of the gig views stats to CS and they did I don’t know what (they didn’t explain!). The day after their mysterious action I received an order.
You should send CS a screenshot of the views stats.


One issue might be is that you offer to do Matlab assignments. Fiverr ToS not to do school work for students. The ToS state that homework is a:

Third party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

You are in danger of not only losing the gig, but your account if you continue to sell this service. :neutral_face:

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Thank you for your reply. In fact, I offer this kind of services, I have even included it in my gig description, I ignored that it was a violation of TOS. If edit my gig and stop providing this serivce will my gig appear again or should I contact fiverr?

I have just edited my gig and by magic it appeard again. Thanks a million, you reply was really helpful, I ignored totally that it was caused by this.

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I used vacation mode for 4 days and on my return my gig is nowhere on searches. It was on the first page after one year of heavy working a and best reviews . They have told me that i should promote my gig outside fiverr and that it doesnt matter what my ratings are and that this can not be changed and fiverr has an aleator rotation mode…etc. So after all this involvement from me i think now averything is rudined :frowning: